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The Relationship Between the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant

The rental agreement (or lease) outlines the rights and duties of the mobile home park landlord and tenant, but Iowa Code chapter 562B also provides law on the relationship between the mobile home park landlord and tenant. Drawing of a book with the word "Law" written on the cover and spine

Under Iowa Code section 562B.14, a written rental agreement is not required, but the landlord must offer the tenant the opportunity to enter into a written agreement for a mobile home space. Iowa Code section 562B.10 discusses the terms and conditions of the rental agreement (lease), while section 562B.11 describes the terms that cannot be included in a mobile home rental agreement.

Terms that cannot be included in a rental agreement include:

  • Waiving or forgoing any rights or remedies provided by Iowa Code chapter 562B
  • Paying the other party’s attorney fees
  • Releasing the other party from liability or limiting their liability
  • Paying for (indemnifying) the other party's liability or the costs connected to that liability
  • A designated agent for the sale of the tenant’s mobile home

Additional limitations apply if the landlord receives federal housing assistance payments.

Article II of chapter 562B discusses landlord obligations (or duties), while Article III discusses tenant obligations (or duties). Remedies are discussed in Article IV.

If you have read some of our other pages on landlord-tenant law, or have read Iowa Code chapter 562A, you will see that there are many similarities between rights and duties of landlords and tenants in the mobile home setting (chapter 562B) and other rental settings (chapter 562A). Don’t be fooled though, as these two code chapters are not identical. Make sure you carefully review chapter 562B and consider reading other sources, like Iowa Legal Aid’s Mobile Homes in Iowa page.