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Consumer Law

  • Visit the Consumer Law section to learn more about buying and owning a home, paying for utilities (like gas and electricity), buying and owning a vehicle, debtor/creditor law, student loans, protecting your identity, and small claims court.

Family Law

  • Visit the Family Law section to learn more about changing your name and legal identity changes, paternity, custody & visition, child support, parental rights, foster care & adoption, guardianship, emancipation, marriage, and divorce.

Housing Law

  • Visit the Housing Law section to learn more about renting a home in Iowa, including discrimination in housing, leases, property conditions and repairs, evictions, mobile homes, and public and subsidized housing.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

  • Visit the Guardianships & Conservatorships section to learn more about guardianships and conservatorships for adults and minors, as well as alternatives to guardianships and conservatorships.