Ending a Lease Early

It is usually difficult to terminate a lease early. In some cases, however, you may be able to do so. For example, you may have the option under the terms of your lease of finding someone else to take over the lease.

Icon of a book with "law" written on the spine and coverThe Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act also provides some instances where a tenant can terminate their lease. Examples include situations where the landlord does not provide the renter with possession of the rental unit (section 562A.22), does not appropriately maintain the rental unit (section 562A.15), unlawfully enters the rental unit (section 562A.35), and fails to comply with the lease agreement (section 562A.21). While each case is unique, for most cases, the tenant must give the landlord written notice and the opportunity to fix the issue.

Tenants could face serious financial consequences if they do not follow the proper procedures for ending the lease under the Iowa Code or under the terms of the lease agreement.

For more information on leases in Iowa, see Iowa Legal Aid's page Summary of Iowa Landlord and Tenant Law.